A page of Fable: The Lost Chapters screens

Full-on fantasy action in hot shots from Fable revamped

We've recently been leafing through Fable: The Lost Chapters getting our fingers mucky and will be bringing you a full hands-on report shortly. However, in the meantime, in a starter kind of way before the main course arrives, we've nabbed hold of some new screenshots from the PC version of the Xbox RPG and uploaded them for you to gawp at. Go on, grab an eyeful.

Fable: The Lost Chapters boasts visual enhancements, new plot elements, new quests, new gameplay features, new items, new weapons, new spells, new armour and new environments, and of course the control system has been completely redesigned to suit the PC lover's preferred mouse and keyboard control method.

Oh and there's a brothel too! Splendid. Enjoy the screenshots.