Football Manager transfers onto PSP!

SI's awesome footy manager now in handy handheld form as we get the latest word from Miles Jacobson +UPDATE+ First screens and movie inside!

Take Sports Interactive's world renowned football management expertise and combine it with Sony's most coveted handheld and what have you got? That's right, the ultimate in portable footy gaming - Football Manager 2006 PSP.

But now it's no longer a dream or top of the bill on everyone's ultimate footy wish list as SI and publisher Sega have just announced their plans to make Football Manager PSP a reality before the end of this year.

We can't really put it any better than SI itself, so here's the breakdown on what Football Manager 2006 on PSP will feature:


FM 2006 PSP features

  • Select an active league from a minimum of 6 countries' leagues
  • Accurate data from the world renowned SI football database
  • Up to date and accurate competition simulations
  • Accurate European competitions and world rankings
  • Complete tactical options to allow a manager to influence a match
  • Fully modeled transfer market
  • Every player has an accurate player history
  • 30 players in a squad
  • Realistic radio style match engine,
  • commentary and computer manager intelligence
  • Staff feedback on the current squad via coach and physio reports
  • Realistically simulated media involvement - including transfer rumors
  • Agent approaches and dressing room unrest
  • A full interactive transfer system simulating modern day negotiations, including player loans, signings etc.
  • Realistically simulated world of football, giving information about transfers, results and injuries involving the big names in football
More features on the PSP version of the game are expected to be announced in the very near future, but Miles Jacobson, MD of Sports Interactive, talking exclusively to C&VG had this to say about the PSP version of the world's favourite management franchise:

"Football Manager coming to PSP? Well it's something we've wanted to do for some time and I have probably been boring people shitless about how much I love the PSP over the past few months. But now it's announced we're hoping to be out with FM 2006 PSP before Christmas

"We're approaching this version from quite a different angle, as the handheld experience is very different. You'll probably play for 10 minutes in a session rather than the five or six hours for the desktop version.

"SI's Mark Vaughan has been heavily involved and we're trying to take the depth and gameplay from the desktop version and turn it into a coffee table experience. It's got everything from our main game, but you can take it around and play - and it's totally bloody addictive.


"Multiplayer? More will be announced later in the year - I don't want to disappoint the fans by promising anything concrete yet, but we're certainly very excited about the possibilities..."

Check back later for more from Miles on both the PSP and PC version of Football Manager 2006, and click here for the latest on the PC version's new details.

So there you have it, the first word on Football Manager 2006 PSP - remember where you read it first. Now all you need to do is check out the first screenshots and movie!

Football Manager 2006 Trailer (WMV)
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