Valve readies Counter-Strike Source update

New maps and updated counter-terrorist model coming this week

Counter-Strike Source fans are in for a treat this week - Valve is about to unleash two new maps and an update counter-terrorist character model to go with them.

De_inferno is a Source remake of the classic Counter-Strike map. Set in a small village, the objective for the terrorists is to blow up a gas pipeline. You can see the new and improved visuals in our screenshot.

De_port is a brand new Source level set amidst the docks and ships of a large coastal harbour. Expect lots of multi-level shooting and plenty of noobs plummeting into the water to their death. No images of de_port just yet but we expect to try it out at E3 next week.


As well as two new levels to run around, Valve is also bundling an update of the CT model. He's more detailed and you can check him out in the screenshot. Glad to see he's still wearing the classic balaclava.

These goodies should be available any day now, and there's more to come from Valve. At E3 next week Half-Life 2 on Xbox will get its first public showing, while the new Lost Coast Half-Life 2 PC level - complete with High Dynamic Range lighting - will also be shown off. We'll be there bringing you the latest.