Movie madness: New The Movies Screen

Grab your popcorn and take your seats for a sneak peek at Molyneux's movie-makin' masterpiece

You can't accuse Peter Molyneux of a lack of ambition. His next project, codenamed Dimitri, plans to let you relive your life, and to warm up for that he's aiming to recreate the history of the motion picture with The Movies.

Planned for PC and current-gen consoles (although Molyneux repeatedly mentioned next-gen consoles around the time the game was announced), The Movies puts you in the director's chair as you build, maintain and develop a movie studio.

Not only will you have to source the best scripts and make the greatest flicks, you'll also have to research new technology and satisfy the changing needs of you audience.


This new screenshot, released before Molyneux shows off the game later this year at the Edinburgh International Games Festival, offers a glimpse of the movie editing suite. Molyneux promises that it'll be simple to make complex and varied movies, and has even talked of plans to start his own Oscars.

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The Movies will be available this autumn on PC, with console release dates to be confirmed.