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Knights of the Temple 2 straps on armour

Sequel to Starbreeze's medieval slash-'em-up unsheathes blade

Internet reports have blow the lid off Knights of the Temple 2, a follow-up to Starbreeze's medieval hack 'n' slash game in development at Cauldron. Reprising the role of Paul de Raque, Grand Master of the Order of the Temple, players get to romp around 13th century Europe and fend off demonic forces that have taken a shine to our planet.

Another good versus evil showdown then, with the re-opening of some nasty portal involved. And in order to save the day, as well as kicking demonic forces arse Paul de Raque must unearth the secrets of three ancient artefacts shrouded in a heap of mystery. de Raque's quest takes him through a forgotten Roman city, deadly dungeons of the Saracen empire, long forgotten islands, ruins and catacombs and even an ancient underwater fortress.


Non-linear game play is promised, helped along no doubt by varied dialogue options during interaction with NPCs and side-quests that can be accepted in addition to following the main plot. The single-player campaign has a number of different endings determined by decisions taken during play, character development is present too courtesy of an RPG element and multiplayer is included to round things off.

Knights of the Temple 2 is expected on PC, PS2 and Xbox, release date to be confirmed.