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Rainbow Six: Lockdown release date locked down

Ubisoft bangs up release for Tom Clancy's favourite squad-based shooter. PC and GameCube versions confirmed, too

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown will launch on PS2, Xbox and GameCube this September, with a significantly different PC version scheduled for release early next year.

The future looked dark for Lockdown only last month when Ubi's financial report delayed the game indefinitely and refused to mention the PC version, leading to suggestions that it had been chucked in the slammer for good.

But this new announcement from the French publisher confirms that the PC version is still live and kicking (read about its unique features here), and that the previously unannounced GameCube version will appear alongside its PS2 and Xbox pals.

Lockdown was originally scheduled for a spring 2005 launch. Ubisoft says the delay is to allow for additional polishing and finishing touches.

The fourth game in the squad-based tactical shooter series, Lockdown sees the legendary team once again battling terrorism across the globe. The difference here is that Team Rainbow isn't always in the driving seat - you'll have to rescue kidnapped comrades and escape from incarceration to succeed.

Ubisoft is also offering fans the chance to talk directly with Lockdown's development team during a live webchat tomorrow (May 12). You can find all the details here.