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Get Frantix on PSP

Sony Online pulls out a PSP puzzler - first screens inside

Archer Maclean's Mercury has proven that the puzzle genre is alive and kicking on Sony's PSP, and just to hammer home the point Sony Online Entertainment has announced Frantix.

Billed as the handheld's first character-based 3D puzzle solving adventure, Frantix pits you against over 150 puzzling levels. The action is viewed from a tilted top-down angle similar to Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade.

The idea is to clear the levels in as quick a time as possible, but you'll have plenty to deal with. Obstacles like crates and walls, monsters like tigers, and traps like lava and quick sand will stand in your way. The odds aren't all stacked against you, though: Power-ups offering speed boosts and invincibility will help out.


Frantix wants to be easy to pick up but hard to put down, and the inclusion of a lead character rather than, say, a blob of Mercury, should set it apart from other puzzle games. What isn't mentioned by Sony is online or link-up options. Time trials are promised (possibly with online leader boards), but there's no word on simultaneous multiplayer fun.

Frantix will be available for PSP this autumn and you can see the first screens right on this very page.