Roar off with Forza Motorsport!

Feel the Forza as we offer you the chance to win a Forza Motorsport Live Bundle!

You are what you race. That's what Forza Motorsport reckons. So in real life we are a 1 litre Nissan Micra.

But when we're playing Forza, we're a rip-snorting Subaru Impreza tuned to within an inch of its life.

See, Microsoft's Xbox-exclusive Forza Motorsport lets you grab the motor of your dreams from a choice of over 230, and then tweak, tune, and chav the living daylights out of it. Then you can use it to thrash AI racers in Gran Turismo-beating single-player racers, or take it onto Xbox Live to wallop real people.

It's hotter than an Enzo Ferrari parked on the sun, and we've hooked up with Microsoft to offer you the chance to win one of five Forza Motorsport Live Bundles. This little cracker of a package gives you a copy of Forza, a free twelve month subscription to Xbox Live and a headset for telling people to eat your dust. All you need is an Xbox, a broadband connection and a credit card, and you'll be smoking the tarmac before you can say "mirror, signal, manoeuvre."


It's pretty simple, too. All you need to do is answer the following simple question and a copy of the Forza Motorsport Live Bundle could be screaming its way through your letterbox.

And once you've done that, why not check out our fuel-injected Forza Motorsport review here.