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Eidos' Free Running tumbles PSP

Game based on parkour - that thing where people jump from buildings and stuff - heading to Sony's handheld

Eidos has unveiled new Core Design-developed game Free Running, tumbling onto PSP the title based on parkour. Parkour, which we thought was something you wore when it rained, is actually the sport/pass-time/way of life of attempting to break your neck in cities and towns by leaping off buildings and swinging on bits of scaffolding - or something.

Anyway, in Free Running concrete jungles become a playground as you run, vault, jump or climb over obstacles in the most fluid and flowing manner possible. You can be crowned the King of Parkour If you're good enough, but to get this label you have to master over 50 moves, tricks and stunts in a variety of game modes while racing against human or computer-controlled competitors.


If you're not clued up on parkour, then you'll be glad to hear that Sebastien Foucan, one of the French founders of the movement and member of UK parkour kings Urban Freeflow, pops up in the game as a mentor and teacher of new moves and tricks. Other members of Urban Freeflow also make an appearance as unlockable playable characters.

Free Running tumbles in this autumn.