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Capcom gets Dead Rising on Xbox 360

Inafune-san reveals next-gen zombie treat - it's all your Dawn of the Dead fantasies come true!

Capcom got its E3 off to a flying start yesterday morning when Keiji Inafune revealed Dead Rising, an Xbox 360 zombie game that promises to be the most intense videogame experience with the undead yet.

Inafune-san was quick to acknowledge the fact that it's yet another zombie game for Capcom. "I know what you're thinking," he said, "not another Capcom zombie game. But Dead Rising is a totally new type of game with a totally different concept.

In Dead Rising, which doesn't have a confirmed release date but is due "sooner than you all expect," according to Inafune-san, you play a war photojournalist trapped in a zombie-filled shopping mall, just like Dawn of the Dead. Staying alive is one thing, but you're also out for the scoop - so gameplay becomes a strangely alluring mix of Resi-style zombie mashing and Project Zero-style camerawork.

The power of the Xbox 360 was evident in the first trailer, shown during Capcom's press conference this morning in LA. Dead Rising is clearly going to be very violent - we watched the main character take apart zombies with baseball bats, chainsaws and lawn mowers, and Inafune-san promises you'll be able to use anything in the shopping centre as a weapon - but it also seems to have a wicked sense of humour, kind of like the Evil Dead films or Peter Jackson's early zombie movies.

Most impressive, however, was the trailer's final scene. The main character is marooned on the roof of a van with literally hundreds of zombies swarming towards him. It was a stunning sight on the big projection screens and looked even better on the HD TV setup next door.

Inafune-san discussed the power of Microsoft's next-gen machine. "We are proud to say it's a great machine. There are no limits anymore - in Dead Rising you'll see more enemies on screen at once than ever before."

"We're entering a new generation where, for the first time, you can make any game you want to."

More on Dead Rising soon.