Xbox 360: Dead Rising - first screens!

Capcom's first Xbox 360 game revealed! Go survival horror, go!

Capcom at it's pre-E3 conference yesterday blew the lid off Dead Rising, it's first game heading to Xbox 360. A survival horror project, Dead Rising screenshots have now materialised providing us with our very first look at the next-gen title.

Dead Rising follows the story of Frank West, an eager freelance photo journalist with the hots to score the scoop of a lifetime. Following a tip off, he heads to a small, suburban town only to discover that the place has been overrun by zombies. Ah...

Seeking safety, West heads to the local shopping mall, but hopes of finding sanctuary are dashed - it's already infested with critters. Battling against enemies, players are given a dose of free reign within the shopping mall and can utilise all manner of objects - including vehicles and makeshift weapons, for example - to fend off the zombie horde.


Ultimately, West must uncover the truth behind the epidemic that's turned the town's populace into a flesh-hungry mass of terror.

Dead Rising features an open level of freedom, says Capcom, with a real-time system in place meaning time in the game is dynamic. Whatever Frank is up to, time marches on, and he better watch out when the sun goes down because zombies become stronger and faster when night falls.

It sounds as though action is going to be frantic, with talk of an unprecedented number of enemies (check out some of the screenshots for mass zombie action) coming in never-ending waves, and during the course of the adventure you'll run into other survivors who will offer clues about what's going if you lend them a helping hand.

Dead Rising hits in 2006.