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Call of Duty 2 storms into 360 action

Infinity Ward's World War 2 shooter blasts onto next gen

Call of Duty 2 has got to be our favourite first-person shooters ever. No other game has ever quite given you the feeling of being part of the struggle against Nazi tyranny on all fronts in the second World War.

A sequel was of course inevitable and this being E3 week, we've managed to check out some CoD2 action on Microsoft's next gen console and mighty fine it's looking indeed - but why take our word for it? You can examine it all for yourself in these first 360 screens from the game.

Again we'll be bringing you more detailed impressions in the near future (so many games, so little time) but it truly does look mightily impressive, with these screens taken from the British campaign in North Africa as the Desert Rats storm of the port town of El Daba. The fighting is intense, the house to house carnage absolutely visceral and there's every sign that the 360 version will be every bit as compelling as its PC counterpart.


More Call of Duty 2 impressions will be on parade shortly.