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Brothers in Arms back in action in Earned In Blood

Gearbox's sequel confirmed. Screens inside

Ubisoft has finally blown the lid off Gearbox's Brothers in Arms sequel mentioned briefly by the publisher previously in a 'future games line-up' announcement.

Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood is the name, and it's heading to PC and the current generation of consoles. Building on the elements of Road to Hill 30, the second game in the series introduces new features, new game modes and of course a brand new storyline - oh and new multiplayer missions, an all-new co-operative-style game mode and new weapons and vehicles.

As for the story, you're chucked into the boots of Sergeant Joe Hartsock and lead your squad beyond Carentan to liberate all of Normandy.


Ubisoft additionally highlights a few key features of Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood, which are as follows:

  • Skirmish Mode - Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood features an all-new cooperative Skirmish mode that allows one or two players to take a tour of duty through a series of authentic and harrowing custom combat missions.

  • New Weapons and Vehicles - Arm yourself with additional authentic weapons and command new vehicles like the M10 "Wolverine" Tank Destroyer.

  • More Challenging and Dynamic Combat -Featuring close quarter urban environments and a new, next generation artificial intelligence system, Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood promises to take authentic military action to the next level.
Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood releases at the end of the year.