Tecmo Torments us with Fatal Frame 3

New name, Western confirmation and lots of screens

All the scariest horror comes from Japan these days. Look at movies. The Grudge versus The Amityville Horror remake. No contest. It's the same with games. Project Zero versus Grabbed By The Ghoulies. See our point? Good.

No doubt due a renaming of Project Zero 3 in Europe, Tecmo has settled on Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented as the name for its spooky, camera-snapping sequel to the brilliant Crimson Butterfly.

An autumn release date has been announced, with the PS2 currently being the only version to look forward to its 'House of Sleep'.

There will be the familiar tackling of evil spirits using the Camera Obscura, although for the first time in the series, three multi-playable characters will open up various ways of completing different levels.


We also suspect there will be a slight similarity to the early Silent Hill games in terms of story, with the plot focusing on a guilt-stricken woman whose partner was killed in a car crash.

We're certainly looking forward to this one. If you enjoy slow-paced, cerebral chills, you should too. Check out the latest screens here.