Killer 7 shoots to kill

New screens from Capcom's PS2 and GameCube action-adventure; June release confirmed

Capcom describes Killer 7 as a "stylised, post-modern action adventure game" and it will be available, finally, in June 2005. The heavily delayed title features distinct characters, cel-shaded visuals and dark imagery and chronicles the connection between two men whose intertwined paths develop into a complex tale of altering personas and a menacing force that has paralysed society.

You take on the role of Harman Smith, an unlikely assassin who leads a life as the 'master' who rules over seven alter egos. Switching between his seven different personalities, Harman employs each personality's unique abilities to complete his mission.


But now, a powerful underworld crimelord has unleashed violent creatures onto the world; these crazed soldiers are wreaking havoc on city streets. It's up to you to interchange in-between Harman's seven 'partners' and utilise the special powers that dwell within them in order to assassinate Kun Lan, the notorious criminal kingpin behind this devilish and devious plot for world domination. Mwahahahahahaha...