Sony fires off about Fired Up for PSP

Big guns and even bigger explosions promised for the high-octane PSP venture. New shots inside

Smash 'n grab! Crash 'n burn! Ker-pow! Ker-rap! With a press release that reads like a script for the Camped Crusader, Fired Up explodes into the PSP games arena and looks like it has no intention of taking prisoners. Check out new screens from the vehicle-themed blaster on this page.

Armed with some seriously brutal weaponry, we're told, onboard vicious vehicles hurtling around, give the good guys the upper hand and take on missions as you battle against a faceless aggressor in the single-player story mode. One nice feature is that you can also download new multiplayer maps for extended motorised mayhem.

You can also challenge other gamers by using the multiplayer mode where you can play up to seven others via the wireless capability. And we have to admit that in spite of the slightly over-the-top approach taken to promote this game, the screenshots we've got here do look quite good.