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FSW Ten Hammers prised open

THQ deploys first footage from Pandemic's tactical strategy sequel

Full Spectrum Warrior returns to action this winter in Ten Hammers, the sequel being whipped into shape at Pandemic Studios and deploying on PC, PS2 and Xbox. Promising to build on the well-received original game's authentic military experience, number two in the series drops you into the combat boots of a squad leader in command of multiple infantry fire teams. Publisher THQ has released first Ten Hammers in-game footage, which you can download below.

As squad leader, you'll be co-ordinating the actions of the multiple infantry fire teams and leading them through a variety of hostile environments and 12 levels of combat hot zones. Squads can be directed real-time via an intuitive command system, players able to utilise authentic battlefield tactics, hardcore firepower and military equipment and player-controlled mechanized units to duff up the opposition. A new multiplayer system, player-controlled coalition forces, enhanced character abilities and advanced enemy A.I. are also promised.

THQ's Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers movie contains a mixture of real-life footage - all staged we hope - and in-game action revealing squad operations in urban environments. Enjoy.

Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers movie (4.07Mb, QuickTime)
Download here