MotoGP URT 3 opens up throttle in new screens

We can almost here the screech of tyres in fresh shots from THQ's PC and Xbox sequel

THQ is really laying it on thick when it comes to MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology 3 multiplayer. Yep, there's a single-player game in there naturally but the publisher is putting heavy emphasis on what it calls "embedded gameplay", a feature that it says "blurs the line between offline and online action, making it quicker and easier than ever for speed demons to challenge each other."

In a nutshell, what's meant by "embedded gameplay" is the ability to switch from an offline race to an online multiplayer race seamlessly at the hit of a button - on the Xbox version of the sequel at least - which is actually a pretty cool feature so we can forgive THQ for pressing it home.


Explaining the feature in more detail, the publisher states: "When a player sets-up a race against the AI, the game will automatically check for a similar multiplayer race about to start. If such a race is detected - and the competing drivers are of a similar skill - the player is given the option to jump into the multiplayer race with just one click of a button."

Cool, eh? MotoGP URT 3 burns in this summer, but in the meantime you can check out a heap of new screenshots that we've uploaded to this page.