MGS 3: Subsistence fresh shots from the Snake remix

New online modes and encounters promised in MGS 3: the Director's Cut

If Metal Gear Solid 3 wasn't quite enough to satisfy your inner Snake, then hearty E3-announced portions of MGS 3: Subsistence, a newly remixed and fully online version of Snake's latest adventure that should provide ample portions of snake eating goodness.

We probably won't get to see MGS 3: Subsistence over in these parts until Xmas, but as a special treat, we've secured a bunch of exclusive new shots from the game when we checked in with the newly formed Kojima Productions at E3, which we're now ready to present for your delectation.

As well as providing the ultimate director's cut version of MGS 3, Subsistence will also feature that all important online mode, a third person camera view which will become de rigeur in MGS 4, plus Team Battle and Snake and Enemy one-on-one online encounters.


Series creator and all round gaming genius Hideo Kojima has this to say on the prospects for MGS 3: Subsistence: "The addition of the online battle mode to Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence offers a wealth of new possibilities for Metal Gear Solid. This game also contains the milestone game Metal Gear. I hope that through this title, gamers will be able to follow the route we have taken at Kojima Productions, and that they enjoy the flow of the story that runs through the series."

Wise words indeed, enjoy the shots and dream of the snake munching delights to come.