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Lumines raves on for Euro PSP launch

Mizuguchi-san's disco biscuit fuelled puzzler will be available alongside the PSP on September 1 - new screens inside

Here's proof that there is some justice left in the videogame industry: Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi's PSP puzzler Lumines will be distributed by Ubisoft in Europe and will be available alongside the handheld when it launches on September 1.

That means you'll be able to pick up Mizuguchi's most accessible and enjoyable musical gaming masterpiece yet when you snaffle your UK PSP. You know it makes sense.

Think of Lumines as Tetris meets Ibiza - a block-based puzzle game that rewards your nifty shape manipulation with throbbing chunks of hardcore techno, shuffling house, and plonky J-pop.


Wi-fi multiplayer means you can get lost in music with a mate and the UK version will even come with extra unlockable content and quicker loading times.

It's already gone down a storm in both Japan and the US so you'd be a mentalist to miss out. Check out our new screens for a flavour of Lumines, and drop the beats when it launches on September 1.