Midnight Club 3 smokes PSP in new screens

Rockstar's street racer pulls up to the pimped portable's bumper

With its bling-blinging mix of hip-hop influenced car modding madness and ultra fast asphalt ripping fun, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition on PS2 and Xbox shot straight to the top of our street racing charts.

So the announcement of a PSP port was more than welcome, and we've got the first screens right here to prove the handheld version will be pimping just as hard as the console version.

Rockstar promise the PSP version will not only contain all of the customisation, cars and cities of the console version, but also push the handheld racing genre to its very rev limits.


You'll be able to hook up motors drawn from the hottest sectors of car culture like Lamborghini Gallardos and Nissan 350 Zs, then razz them around Detroit, Atlanta and San Diego. Each city has been built from scratch specifically for the PSP version with all the shortcuts and secrets included.

Exclusive to PSP is a six-player wireless race mode and new single-player modes that Rockstar is yet to announce but which it promises will suit portable gaming perfectly.

Check out our shiny new screens and get ready for Midnight Club 3 PSP this summer in the US, and alongside the handheld's launch in the UK on September 1.