Ultimate Spider-Man spins a website, new screens

New Spidey game hits the net and scuttles onto our screens with new images

Did you wake up with your Spidey Sense tingling this morning? Same here, but the ointment sorted it out.

Anyway, turns out that the tingle could well have been heralding the arrival of Activision's brand new Ultimate Spider-Man website, which hit the net like a rolled-up newspaper just last night.

As well as screenshots, artwork and images from the game (coming this September on PS2, Xbox, Cube, GBA and DS) you'll find a fully nifty E3 trailer that should have you squirting web fluid all over the place.

Ultimate Spider-Man is an attempt to take the game back to its roots. Developer Vicarious Visions has pioneered a new '3D Inking Technology' engine to make it look and feel like you're inside a comic book, and the results are Stan Lee-tastic. You'll even be able to play as Spidey's arch nemesis Venom if you're feeling a bit evil.


Get caught in the Ultimate Spider-Man website here.