Possession pics yell "eat me!"

Bear witness to Blitz Games' next-gen zombie commander

Take an industry standard genre and subvert it by standing it completely on its head - it's an old trick but a potentially winning one, that's been used to great effect many times in the course of gaming history.

That's certainly the sketch behind Possession, Blitz Games impressive looking new zombie commander which was on show at last week's E3. The game places you in charge of a horde of flesh-ravening undead, charged with overrunning a typical US city, dragging its police and special forces to an early grave and feasting on its unwary citizens' brains.


Sounds marvellous and if this fresh selection of screens are anything to go by, we could be in for a rare old treat, as the game rampages like mob of hungry undead across next-generation consoles with Xbox 360, PS3 and also PC all currently being targeted.

C&VG reporters were on hand to bear witness to the next-gen zombie carnage and quiz Blitz in depth and will be bringing you a full report soon, but in the meantime enjoy this fresh selection of screens from the fine looking zombie commander.