Huxley flexes its Unreal muscles

Webzen's MMOFPS impresses with a brave new world of shooting. Footage inside

Set to blast its way onto the Xbox 360 and the PC sometime next spring, Huxley is a massively multiplayer online shooter in the vein of SoE's Planetside. Employing the Unreal 3 Engine, however, the game is set to look mighty impressive, as this newly released trailer proves.

Using a persistent world la World of Warcraft, yet incorporating the FPS twitch-based gameplay, players will be able to build up their would-be gunrunners to do battle with people across the globe. With the popularity (and relative saturation) of MMO's in their native land of Korea, Webzen is looking to capitalise on the industry with the innovative spin that Huxley holds in its grasp; only time will tell.

Huxley movie (PC, Xb360)
Download here (90.4Mb, QuickTime)