Fable: The Lost Chapters flipped open - new movie

Leaf through the PC version of the smash hit Xbox RPG courtesy of a shiny new trailer

Earlier in the month we caught up with Lionhead for an informative chat about RPG Fable: The Lost Chapters (if you missed the interview, read it here) and now a couple of weeks later our persistent dungeoneering has finally been rewarded with a brand new trailer from the game. View a slice of Fable: TLC magic by hitting the download link below.

A re-jigged version of Xbox hit Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters boasts, most importantly, a brothel, but you'll also be pleased to know that there's the likes of visual enhancements, new plot elements, new quests, new gameplay features, new items, new weapons, new spells, new armour and new environments to look forward too.

Fable: The Lost Chapters movie (PC)
Download here (68.5Mb, WMV)