Serious Sam 2

Serious Sam, eh? We never saw that one coming. A cult among cults, this was a first-person shooter stripped free of pretension and with all the orcs you could eat. Thankfully, as is rarely the case with cult games, it received so much praise a second was greenlit immediately. Et voila!

Picking up straight after the first game, Sam is now chasing down his mortal enemy Mental, who bitch-slapped the planet Sirius near enough into oblivion. En route to Sirius, wouldn't you know it, Sam's brain is hijacked by the telepathic Sirian Great Wizards, who send him off to find the fragments of a mystical medallion scattered throughout the galaxy that will bestow Sam with the power to defeat Mental.


Built around a completely new engine, Serious Sam 2 is, Croteam promises, '100 times more complex than the previous Sam game', but with the usual insanity and unhinged gameplay that made the original such a stand-out. Croteam also promises this Sam will surpass the amount of on-screen enemies seen previously, making for a tidal wave of slavering monsters, demons, and blue-skinned children with sinister hobbies.

There will be around 24 even-more-massive-than-before levels, set over seven worlds that'll see Sam traipse through swamps, jungles, volcanoes, icy wastes and militant alien cities. There'll be more than 35 new aliens for Sam to feed the end of a shotgun too, each of which will feature very distinct personalities. "Serious Sam 2 will give players a lot more to laugh about," we're told. So, be it Wizard of Oz witches, pygmies, or giant pubic lice, there should be plenty to keep you entertained. As if that weren't enough (and killing pygmies never gets dull), we're also promised a whole garage's-worth of new vehicular and mounted combat.

And yep, we'll be able to take each and every vehicle, animal, and weapon online to brawl around with other Sam nuts. Although the specifics of Live play have yet to be confirmed, let's hope Croteam aims for somewhere around the 32-player mark. We've a feeling that come Serious Sam 2, the series will be courting a hell of a lot more fans.