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Age of Empires III

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Besides, so much of so-called history is little more than idle speculation, and as far as we're concerned, if it hasn't been on TV (preferably in colour) then it probably never happened. As such, we're prepared to take Ensemble's version at face value, and won't be writing in to complain, unlike the Portuguese fan who's been barracking the company for years over the apparent misspelling of a unit type.

So we've covered the graphics, the physics, the setting, the combat... Orchestral score, anyone? Check. A detailed soundscape incorporating recordings of firearms and artillery from Gettysburg re-enactments? Correct. A tri-generational arcing story in campaign mode interspersed with epic cinematics? Yep. We've even seen a bit of it, involving someone going on the trail of the Frenchman Beaumont, and something about the fountain of youth and lost Spanish gold in Florida. Not a clue.


It doesn't matter. We've played it (honourably losing to a dishonest German), we liked it, we think you might too. As Potty Mouth Pottinger says: "It's Age Of f****** Empires III - buy it!"

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