Final Fantasy XII - movie explosion

New WobblyCam footage to make you weep tears of joy

Canny old Square Enix, the masters of the oriental RPG are not only producing Final Fantasy XI for Xbox 360, but also hitting up the PS2 with Final Fantasy XII. Two Final Fantasies to satisfy fandom lust? Oh yes please.

Wonder what it looks like? Well wonder no more as continuing our adventures in the exciting new world of WobblyCam, today we're bringing you first footage of Final Fantasy XII in action, from Sony's E3 press conference and we have to say it's an absolute joy to behold too.

Download it now and see what we mean, we've enclosed it in two handy formats for your viewing pleasure.

Fortunately this one isn't going to become part of the "is it real, is it rendered?" debate as quite obviously the footage is pre-rendered, but it's certainly a welcome indication of what we've always come to expect from a Final Fantasy title. Amazing cinematic looks, an epic storyline and a diverse cast of heroes and heroines who'll you'll get to command in an engrossing world-spanning RPG epic. We're quite sure there's copious amounts of peril to face too.

Of course there's more than a few clues to the storyline and characters from this movie too, but we're not going to spoil it for you, so put on a bag of microwave popcorn while it downloads, sit back and then revel in your first glimpse of FFXII.


FFXII movie (PS3)
Smaller version (11.8Mb, WMV)
Bigger version (25.8Mb, WMV)