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TOCA Race Driver 3

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Talking about crashes, the team's also been hard at work on one of our favourite bits of the game - the damage model. As well as cosmetic damage, your style of driving will also affect the mechanical components of the car. So now, driving like a lunatic may get you to the front of the pack, but you'll also have to keep an eye on your car to stop it from becoming a contender for Scrapheap Challenge. "The refined engine means you can really thrash the cars and see the real-world results," continues Raeburn. "Radiators will overheat, tyres will burn out, engines
will blow - the works."

The graphical ante is also being upped with 'bloom' lighting effects and all manner of eye-pleasing DX9 effects competing for your visual attention in the overhauled engine.

Yep, things appear to be shaping up very nicely indeed and with another six months still to be spent tinkering under the bonnet, we can't wait to see the finished model.

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