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Eidos confirms Tomb Raider: Legend for Xbox 360, PSP

Eidos' hot-panted artefact snatcher definitely heading to Sony's portable and Microsoft's next-gen monster

Tomb Raider Legend, the sixth game in the popular sarcophagus-bothering platform series, will definitely be heading to Xbox 360 and PSP according to publisher Eidos.

Legend is in development at San Diego-based Crystal Dynamics and is currently scheduled for release on PS2, Xbox and PC in November. Xbox 360 and PSP versions have been rumoured for a few months now after Eidos mentioned the platforms in a recent financial report.

While reps for the UK publisher labelled the suggestions as mere "ideas" at the time, now Eidos has confirmed to that next-gen and portable versions of Tomb Raider: Legend are on the way.

"In our financial report dated March 10 we stated that PSP and Xbox 360 versions of Tomb Raider: Legend were in existence," we were told by a spokesperson for Eidos.

But, unfortunately, release date details are scarce. "At the moment we have no additional details on our plans for these versions of the game, " the spokesperson said.

The move certainly makes sense for Eidos, given that Tomb Raider is one of the highest grossing game franchises of all time. We'd therefore eat our grubby hotpants if Lara didn't whack them out on every platform under the sun - including PS3 when it appears in spring 2006.

Tomb Raider Legend is a return to the series' roots after the disappointment of Angel of Darkness. Lara creator Toby Gard is back on the project, a new control system is promised and Lara herself has been given a serious makeover to move her away from her double-D cup cartoon past. They've actually made her hotter, polygon fetish fans - check out her svelte new look here.

More news on Tomb Raider: Legend soon.