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Prey trailer stuns!

A massive 11-minute movie reveals a first-person shooter oozing promise from every polygon

If you've been in danger of exploding in a shower of guts, blood and organs in anticipation of your first glimpse of Prey, we have the ideal remedy - 11 minutes of in-game footage revealing an FPS that's almost like a trip back to old-school game mechanics married with all that latest graphics technology has to offer. Yep, the E3 2005 Prey movie has now touched down with a bang and a blast, and mighty impressive it's all looking too.

Prey follows the plight of Cherokee garage mechanic Tommy as he battles alien aggressors in an attempt to save his skin, his missus and planet Earth. His adventure begins when he's abducted onto an alien mothership (the abduction scene in the movie looks cool) orbiting our world; and humankind's existence at stake is the catalyst that causes spiritual powers, from his long-forgotten birthright, to awaken within our hero.

There's so many highlights in the movie it's difficult to pick one true favourite. Crazy weaponry, gravity reversal action, bad-ass enemies, mind-bending use of portals, venturing into the spirit realm to overcome objectives... look, just download the movie and check it out for yourself. It's a hefty beast at 184Mb, but comes highly recommended.

Prey is being developed by Human Head Studios for PC and Xbox 360 and is due in 2006.

Prey E3 2005 trailer (PC, Xbox 360)
Download here (184Mb, AVI)