Ex-Savage crew reveal Project Offset

An epic fantasy world is married with the first-person shooter genre

Dev studio Offset, a company comprising of members of the team that worked on S2 Games' Savage, has announced Project Offset (working title), a game that's being described as "like no other first person shooter to date" and marries the FPS genre with an epic fantasy universe.

It appears that Project Offset is only in the very early stages of development, with "next gen" engine and artwork so far complete, but founder and technical director of Offset Sam McGrath has outlined the direction the project is taking.

Expect, says McGrath, a fantasy FPS "where you can choose one of many character classes. A game where clans can combat over mission based objectives and be ranked accordingly. A game where you can play alone, coop, team based objective or deathmatch. The controls feel exactly how an FPS player would expect. Play as an archer and your skill using the bow and leading your target is what will set you apart. When the battles get close up, pull out your sword and continue the fight melee."

'Vehicle' combat is additionally promised, with mountable and ride-able creatures and the likes of dragons that you'll be able to hop onto the back of and fly around on, and there'll be siege weaponry present that players will be able to man and presumably use to breach castle walls and fortifications.

Offset currently consists of a very small team - only three people! - and the studio says that it's seeking publishers and investors at this time, with an immediate goal of hiring new staff "to refine and further develop the engine and gameplay. Eventually we want to ramp up and send the game into a full scale production, ending up with a kick ass title".

You can sneak a peek at Offset's efforts to date thanks to a small movie that gives you a glimpse of the engine technology the studio's developed and also a very brief look at how things will look in-game.

All the best, Offset.