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The Barbarians are coming!

Creative releases screenshots from its Rome: Total War expansion Barbarian Invasion

Having played a part in the rise of the Roman Empire in Rome: Total War, it's now time to experience it teetering on the edge of doom in expansion Barbarian Invasion. BI's new campaign shifts time 350 years on from the original game, with the last Emperor of unified Rome having just snuffed it and the resulting split empire - Rome, ruling the western half of the empire and Constantinople the eastern half - now power rivals and under threat from barbarian hordes. New screenshots from Barbarian Invasion have been released.

Barbarian Invasion's new campaign is joined by 10 new playable factions, new units, new special abilities for units, modifications to the technology tree and plenty more. Check out our preview for further details on the expansion, and you may also like to take a peek at Creative's product page for the add-on which can be found here.