Coded Arms streams itself onto your PSP

Manic movies of the computer whiz FPS

In a haunting lesson for basement-bound code-breakers everywhere, Coded Arms tells the tale of a lone hacker who breaks into an abandoned military training system, now totally overrun by computerised aliens, bugs and safeguards, all of them gunning for him.

Locking and loading with around 30 weapons, Coded Arms looks like it's going to be a heartracing FPS experience for the portable gamer - these videos prove that the PSP could very well be the first platform to properly pull off a first person shooter; take a look at these two films and see for yourself.

And keep it for an interview with Coded Arms' producer, Yasuo Daikai, coming soon.

Coded Arms - PSP
Download here! (9.54mb)
Download here! (10.9mb)