Halo script assaults Hollywood

Major movie studios asked to read script over lunch and then place bids. Apparently they're not too impressed

Going from saving Earth to delivering movie scripts - have hard times finally hit for Halo hero Master Chief? Um, probably not, because he doesn't really exist - sorry to break that news - and it was in fact actually human beings dressed as the FPS star who reportedly turned up at major Hollywood studios yesterday to hand over the script for the Halo flick.

Recipients of the Halo movie script, which has been penned by The Beach author Alex Garland, were asked to read it over lunch and then make their bids. Sadly for anyone looking forward to this film, reports suggest that the reaction from tinsel town to the script has been less the favourable. Oh dear. Still, it can't turn out to be any worse than (insert names of your favourite crap game-to-movie adaptation here) can it? Well can it?