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All rise for Rise of Legends

Get a rise out of new media from Big Huge Games' Rise of Nations follow-up. And we'll stop with the 'rise' gags now

Big Huge Games' Rise of Nations follow-up Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends is something of a departure from the first game in the franchise. You see, the developer's thrown out the historical backdrop theme of RoN and chosen instead to run with a steampunk fantasy setting - where the magic of fantasy meets a world of technology. Fine by us.

It might be a step in a different direction in terms of setting, but Big Huge Games has assured us that much of the gameplay established in Rise of Nations will remain - albeit in expanded form - which will no doubt please fans of the original title. Expect plenty of nation diversity, some favouring magic while others favour technology, for example, along with the likes of the ebb and flow of national borders, cities, tech tracks that are colour-coded, massive armies and so on.


Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends E3 2005 movie (PC)
Download here (4.61Mb, WMV)