Halo script, part 2

New info reveals heavy demands placed on movie studios by Microsoft plus Halo bible emerges

In the last 24 hours new light has been shed on the happenings in the world of the Halo movie script, which as we reported yesterday was delivered by the Master Chief to several key Hollywood studios on Monday.

According to a report on US entertainment bible Variety, Microsoft is requesting $10 million in advance payback on the movie or, if it turns out to be higher, wants 15-percent of the film's gross earnings. It's also rumoured that the Redmond giant is demanding that a studio commit to a "below the line" budget of $75 million, a budget yet to factor in the cost of hiring a director and actors.

Apparently, the studio taking on the Halo movie will have to submit to strict control on the film's development from Halo series developer Bungie. Not just that, but apparently Bungie has put together a 'Halo bible' which a studio will have to strictly adhere to and presumably study in order to maintain Halo universe continuity.

Further gossip purports that Microsoft is demanding that the Halo movie go into production as soon as this September, although Variety reckons MS is looking at January 2006 for production kick off.

Whenever production does begin, it won't be at the hands of DreamWorks and New Line, which according to Variety have passed on the Halo movie. Remaining studios include big names like Warner Bros., Fox and Paramount with other studios also apparently showing some interest as well.