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Legendary Xmen sequel in the works

Raven's team-based superhero series returns

After shocking us by actually being a good superhero-related Action-RPG, X-Men Legends has been granted a sequel: Rise of Apocalypse.

Following the Ultimate Xmen and using actual artists from the comic series, X-men Legends 2 is set to grow upon the rich lineage of both the comics and its prequel, following the desperate struggle against the supposedly invincible Apocalypse.

Hopefully they'll avoid any Legion-related disasters along the way, but from these screenshots and the trailer on the site and a quick look at E3, it seems this game could end up being a worthy sequel - besides anything's better than Catwoman.

It's out sometime this autumn on the PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube.

Set your sights on these screenshots, or stare intently at the official site for the trailer.