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Far Cry Instincts hunting Xbox only

Ubisoft confirms that console port of the PC FPS will not appear on PS2... for the moment at least

Far Cry Instincts will not be available for PS2 when the Xbox version launches in September, according to publisher Ubisoft.

"Far Cry Instincts is set to release on Xbox," a spokesperson for Ubi told us, confirming suspicions that the previously announced PS2 version has been shelved.

However, all is not lost for PS2 players who fancy a bit of survivalist FPS action. "Other formats remain open for the future," the spokesperson said.

The PS2 version of Far Cry Instincts has been in doubt for some time now, with official Ubisoft documentation moving from listing the game as an Xbox and PS2 release to a 'console' release.

And when we spoke to the development team earlier this year they were extremely elusive when we asked them about the version destined for Sony's machine.

We quizzed Ubisoft as to why the PS2 version has dropped off the release schedule but the spokesperson declined to comment.

Far Cry Instincts is a port of the popular PC FPS set on a beautiful tropical island. The Xbox version will have all-new gameplay features as the main character gets injected with an evolutionary serum, putting him in touch with his primitive animalistic side. The Xbox version will also feature an extensive map editor and online play via Live.

Earlier today we ran new screenshots, a new trailer, and a Q&A from the game's scriptwriter. Catch up here.

Far Cry Instincts hunts down your Xbox on September 2.