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187 Ride or Die screenshots thug out

Guns, chicks, cars and money - what more do you need?

Aw hell naw, it's another gangstah game, this time involving speedy chases around Los Angeles, bringin' your gang to the top by shootin', drivin', and engagin' in generally romanticised illegal activities that litter bling racers.

Backed with a thumpin' hip hop soundtrack, 187 Ride or Die combines the high-octane racing of Burnout 3 with the drive-by activities of GTA, mixed with the pimp-your-ride-ability of Midnight Club 3 (Alright, and GTA: San Andreas). It could turn out to be at least a bit of fun, if not the most utterly original game released.

It's out this summer on the PS2, Xbox, GC, and PC, so if you're down, check these screenshots. We've also just posted a spanking new preview of the Xbox version of the game which you can check out by clicking here.