Ubisoft targets Sniper Elite

Rebellion's WWII-based sniper simulator picked up by the French publisher. New shots released

A batch of new screenshots from Rebellion's PS2, Xbox and PC WWII shooter Sniper Elite have been released alongside the announcement that Ubisoft is to publish the game in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand "and all export territories" this autumn.

Sniper Elite is set in Berlin toward the end of the conflict in 1945, in particular dealing with the Soviet Army's advance on the city. A first- and third-person action-adventure title described as a sniper simulation and featuring infiltration, close-quarters action and, er, sniping, players assume the role of a US sniper disguised as a German soldier who is working for the OSS and attempting to keep the Soviet Army's hands off top-secret German atomic research.


"We wanted to achieve something new with Sniper Elite. Sniping, by its very nature, is a completely different discipline to normal combat," says Jason Kingsley, CEO and creative director at Rebellion. "We think the unique nature of this game gives it enormous potential and we are pleased to be working with Ubisoft, a major publisher which has the channels to create a successful launch for the game."