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Fox and Universal looking to take on Halo movie

Hollywood giants touted to sign up Master Chief's silver screen outing

Master Chief's silver screen debut looks set to be a joint venture, latest reports emerging on the Halo movie stating that Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox are wheeling and dealing on a collaboration on the film adaptation of Bungie's first-person shooter series.

According to Variety, the Hollywood studios would split the cost of the movie's production down the middle, with distribution split in a similar manner. It's said that Fox would handle international distribution of the Halo movie, while Universal would handle distribution in North America.

Variety further reports that Microsoft's original request for $10 million advance payment on the movie from the studio(s) taking on the Halo film or 15-percent of the film's gross earnings if this turned out to be higher has been slashed to a $5 million figure as deals are thrashed out.

2007 is the release year currently being given for the Halo movie.