Capcom feeds off fans for Resi 5 ideas

Poll on Capcom's European website gives you the opportunity to share your terrifying views on what's next for the series

We were just wandering passed a row of windows in Capcom's European website earlier today when suddenly a Resident Evil 4 survey jumped on us. Scared the life out of us.

But less scary is the opportunity to offer your views on Resident Evil 4 and perhaps even influence the direction Resident Evil 5 takes.

The survey, currently live on Capcom's official European website, asks plenty of interesting questions like 'What would you like to see in Resident Evil 5' and 'What did you like most/least about Resident Evil 4', suggesting that Capcom really is keen to gather your suggestions for the future of the franchise.

It seems like a wonderful idea, until you read posts like, "Old re style not this new crap which takes 3hr to beat the second time with nathing new in the gameplay the second time around," which actually makes us want to eat brains. His brains.

It's also surprising how many posters give Resident Evil 4, undoubtedly the greatest game in the series and one of the best games we've experienced ever, a slamming. One wants to give it '-9999999999999999999 out of 10' but settles for 1 instead, while another yearns for 'less action'. Eh?

So we urge you to make your educated voice heard. Hey, you might even see your ideas in the next Resident Evil 5. A spokesperson for Capcom told us that "Capcom Japan is always keen to find out what European gamers like and don't like. We can't possibly comment on whether these suggestions will make it into Resi 5, but you never know!"

Resident Evil 4 on Cube signalled a move away from the traditional Resi formula and it proved hugely successful around the world. It's due to hit PS2 later this year.

And Resi 4 producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi recently spoke of how Resident Evil 5 was in production and would "naturally proceed where RE4 left off."

While no formats have been specified for Resi 5, the survey does ask what next-gen consoles you are likely to buy.

Head to Capcom's official European website, click on the Forums, and participate in the survey.