This movie From Russia With Love

EA's new Bond-a-thon in hot jetpack action...

Shh-moking, that's how we and indeed Sir Sean Connery would probably describe this latest From Russia With Love movie, which gives you a welcome taster of Mister kiss-kiss-bang-bang's latest adventure which is hurtling onto all current-gen console platforms later this year.

We had a quick shufti at this year's E3 and quite promising FRWL looks too, with the classic Sixties Bond era stylings of Sir Sean, including some fine white tuxedo-clad shooting and a whole heap of Jetpack related goodness too.

Funny we should mention that because that's exactly what this movie features, with Bond ripping up the London skyline as he attempts to foil the evil machinations of another Sixties cat-stroking super villain. Probably the most fun he's had since climbing off Little Nell (behave and stop your smirking at the back there).

From Russia With Love Movie
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