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Chocks away! New Heroes of the Pacific screens, movie

Hum the 633 Squadron theme as you check out media from Codemasters' WWII flight combat game

Grappling with joysticks on PS2, Xbox and PC, Codemasters' Heroes of the Pacific is a WWII-based, action-focussed flight combat game that finds pilots jammed into cockpits and gunner positions and taking to the skies in the Pacific Theatre. New screens and footage prompt us to say, "Tally ho!".

The title features 35 aircraft of the period and oodles of dogfighting, and kicking of with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Heroes of the Pacific 's storyline then continues to relate several key encounters in the U.S. Navy's campaign in the Pacific. 26 missions take us through famous confrontations in such locations as Midway Island, Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal.


Heroes of the Pacific features split-screen multiplayer as well as online multiplayer battles for up to eight players across all formats and additionally includes LAN play on PC too.

Heroes of the Pacific is due September.

Heroes of the Pacific movie (PC, PS2, Xbox)
Download here (3.34Mb, WMV)