PS3 to hit Europe in Spring 2006

Sony Europe executive pins spring release date on next-gen PlayStation, worldwide release possible...

Sony's PS3 is likely to launch in Europe sometime during the spring of 2006, according to the boss of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Speaking at today's ELSPA International Games Summit in London, SCEE's president and chief operating officer David Reeves said, "I like to think the PS3 will launch in Europe around the same time as Kutaragi-san has already mentioned - spring 2006."

Ken Kutaragi, the creator of the PlayStation and PS3 top dog, boldly claimed at Sony's pre-E3 press conference that the next-gen console would be ready for spring next year.

And reports doing the rounds after E3 suggested that us long-suffering Europeans would not have to endure the usual delay in bringing a new console to this continent.

Now Reeves' comments have strengthened suggestions that Sony may aim for a near-simultaneous worldwide release for PS3.

Sony rival Microsoft plans to launch the Xbox 360 around the world in November. Sony may feel that it cannot afford to hold the PS3 back from certain territories at the risk of losing market share to 360.

Nintendo's Revolution is not expected until later in 2006, although speculative reports this morning point to a surprisingly early launch.