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Hero hour hits for Kingdom Under Fire sequel

New screens from the follow-up to KUF: Crusaders revealing hero Walter. Walter?

Walter, a name that strikes fear into the hearts of men. Well no. Actually, it conjures up images of a gummy octogenarian coffin dodger stumbling through the last footsteps of life while moaning about how "it wasn't like this in my day".

But that's the name Korean developer Phantagram has chosen for one of its heroes in Kingdom Under Fire: Crusaders sequel Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes. Check out Walter in new screenshots from the Xbox follow-up.

For the KUF fans out there, we've even got a Walter biog. Walter, according to Phantagram, "is a human male in mid 40's. He is the Captain of the Patriarchal Emissaries and an agent of God's will. Being a very faithful and religious man, he leaves everything to the will of God and devoted his life to the God. He is soft spoken, but his voice is full of strength. Walter's weapon of choice is a mace and a shield." Go Walter, go!


Phantagram's Kingdom Under Fire series is all about fantasy-themed warfare with massive battles and a good dose of strategy thrown into the mix. The sequel is set in the same timeframe as its predecessor and introduces seven new heroes who are caught up in war that'll decide the fate of all mortals, no less. Keep an eye out for Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes in September.