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Go! Go! Go! Live! New Rainbow Six: Lockdown movie

Ubisoft gives us a peek at the next Rainbow Six game's Xbox Live action

Ubisoft's tactical FPS series Rainbow Six has proved extremely popular on Xbox Live, so it's hardly surprising that the publisher is keen to show off Live play in the Xbox version of next R6 venture Rainbow Six: Lockdown. And, oh! Look what we have here! Is that a brand, spanking new movie from the sequel giving us a peek at nothing other than Rainbow Six: Lockdown showdowns on Xbox Live we spy? Why yes, indeed it is.

Around two minutes long, the movie is end-to-end in-game footage from Lockdown action on Live, with plenty of gunplay and telling you pretty much all you'd want to know about what online multiplayer in the Xbox version has to offer. Point your crosshairs below and get downloading.

Rainbow Six: Lockdown Xbox Live movie
Download here (34.7Mb, AVI)