Next-gen Need for Speed movie sparks our plug

See Need for Speed: Most Wanted in all its shiny next-gen glory

Next-gen car games, eh? They're more common than a be-spoilered Nova in the Burger King car park at midnight. But one that will really stand out is EA's Need for Speed: Most Wanted, due to launch alongside the Xbox 360 in November and no doubt planned for PS3 and Revolution too.

A new trailer offers a tantalising early glimpse into the kind of environmental and automotive detail you can expect for NFS: Most Wanted on the next-gen consoles.

Look at the close-up detail on the tricked-out BMW's grill. Look at the real-time lighting and shadow effects passing over the shiny bodywork. And look at the enhanced visual fidelity on the roads and buildings, picking out each window, each brick, and each dink in the road surface. It's proper nice.

We should stress that this footage is indicative of in-game visuals, and we know because we played it at E3. While the demo was simply a straightforward drag race the added sheen of visual hotness was already evident.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted takes the hot-selling street racing series to the next level by giving you the opportunity to trick out your motor, take it to the tarmac and become the most notorious street racer in the city. The police will be making a long-awaited comeback to the NFS series in Most Wanted, making street races and drag showdowns even more intense.

Check out the movie and let us know what you think in the forums below.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Trailer (QuickTime, 12Mb)
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