Auto Assault motor mash-up in new screens

A little something to get your evening motor running. Plus: vote for what'll make up the pre-order bonus

Auto Assault, an MMO vehicular combat game - with RPG elements! - where erm, you engage in vehicle combat with wheeled machines of destruction decked out with big guns. It's set in a post-apocalyptic future - think Mad Max - and promises oodles of explosive action beefed up by the lovely Havok 2 physics engine. New screenshots have been released.

Auto Assault is now available for online pre-order in the UK, France, Germany and Italy (apparently Spain, Scandinavia and Benelux will follow soon) and as is usual with games like this if you pre-order it you'll get some bonus goodies - including priority access to beta test events, a headstart on playing the final game, early account reservation privileges, a loot bonus and an exclusive in-game weapon.


However, unlike usual pre-order campaigns, fan voting will determine certain content - actually the exclusive in-game weapon - that'll be dropped in the sweaty palms of action nuts who choose to pre-order. Go to to find out about the weapons on offer, and register on the official European message boards to cast your vote.